Workshops, Dates, and Locations:  2017/2018 School Year

Lower Workshop Course #1  & Upper Workshop Course #2: Houston, TX- October, 8th - 9th, 2017 Rescheduled February 12th and 13th 2018: Due to Hurricane Harvey

Lower Workshop Course #1  & Upper Workshop Course #2:  Philadelphia, PA- November 13th - 14th ,  2017

Lower Workshop Course #1  & Upper Workshop Course #2:  Chicago, IL- December, 4th - 5th , 2017

Lower Workshop Course #1  & Upper Workshop Course #2:  Phoenix, AZ- March,  2018

Lower Workshop Course #1  Chicago, IL- March 12th , 2017

Lower Elementary Intervention Workshop (K-3) Course 1

The Lower Elementary Intervention Workshop focuses on basic numeracy strategies and skills.  Participants will learn how to use basic numeracy assessments to drive their instruction.  Teachers learn the building blocks for each skill set and which concepts must be mastered before the more advanced skills can be taught. All Participants will receive a training manual with intervention strategies and assessments. 

Topics Covered

  • Assessment, Intervention, and MTSS 
  • Core Standards/ TEKS
  • Primary Numeracy Framework and Leveled Teaching
  • Proper use of Manipulatives
  • High and Low Level Teaching Strategies for Addition and Subtraction
  • Struggles with Subtraction 
  • Operations & Algebraic Thinking
  • Regrouping 
  • Developing Place Value Through Number Building
  • Making Money Easy; the Prerequisite Skills all Teachers Should Know
  • Why the English Language Causes Difficulty
  • Research, Best Practices, and Numeracy
  • Fluency with Math Facts

Upper Elementary Intervention Workshop: Multiplication and Division (3rd - 6th) Course 2

The Upper Elementary Intervention Workshop focuses on the concepts of multiplication and division.  This workshop transitions teachers from the Primary Numeracy Framework that is introduced in the Lower Elementary Workshop to the Upper Elementary Framework: Multiplication and Division. Participants learn how to administer and analyze the Multiplicative Thinking Assessment and how to use the results to target their instruction.  Teachers will receive over 100 ready to use resources and instructional materials. 

Topics Covered

  • Core Standards/ TEKS
  • Assessment, Intervention, and MTSS
  • Additive vs. Multiplicative Thinking
  • Skip Counting, Stress Counting, Rhythm Counting 
  • Problem Structures for Multiplication and Division
  • Partitive and Measurement Division
  • Methods for Developing Fluency of Multiplication Facts
  • Visual Models for Multiplication and Division
  • Multi Digit Multiplication and Division Methods
  • Upper Elementary Framework: Multiplication and Division
  • Developing Multiplicative Thinking Resource Book (Included)
  • Developing Fluency with Facts Resource Book (Included)

Focused and Sustained Professional Development:  A Culture of Continuous and Ongoing Learning

Numeracy Consultants offers a variety of workshop and in-service opportunities. Besides our onsite workshops, we offer a continuous  professional development program.   The continuous professional development program not only trains teachers how to use our programs, but we also offer follow up sessions that support the implementation into the classroom.  We develop professional learning communities and teams that create a culture of ongoing learning.  Research has shown that when professional development is followed up with sustained support it creates the best results.  Email us for more information about our Sustained Professional Development Program.