About Us

There is a need for quality professional development in the area of mathematics. Many students struggle with mathematics and there are limited resources available for teachers. 

Numeracy Consultants was established in 2008 in Wayne County, Michigan.  A group of math consultants, math specialists, special education, and classroom teachers came together to find a better way to do math intervention. Using research from the CMIT Numeracy Project done by the New South Wales Department of Education (Australia), we were able to develop assessments, frameworks, and  quality learning activities that focus on targeted intervention and student growth. 

We currently have trained over 5,000 teachers from over 250 public  and charter school districts. Our consultants have traveled the country receiving some of the most extensive training available. We have viewed countless hours of research, have hundreds of hours of classroom instruction, field tested assessments and resource materials,  and administered hundreds of assessments.

Our workshops are not just about theory, but taking the theory into practice. Our consultants use the strategies and theories presented in the workshops every day in the classroom. We believe a workshop should be more like a conversation with teachers. They should be able to participate and have an active role and give their input.

Need For Better Training

In classrooms today, mathematics is often taught through memorization of a process. Students are shown how to do a process. They practice it many times but often there is no real understanding behind what they are doing.  Students may be able to solve problems in isolation, but when asked to apply that knowledge in at a higher level of thinking, they are unable to solve the task.

 Many teachers are unaware that the strategies they use may focus more on process than on understanding. When students take standardized tests that test deep into the knowledge of mathematics, it exposes a lack of real understanding.